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1.Who we are?
Who we are?
EAST GRACE is a group of industries in Jiangsu Province China. And a professional scaffolds manufacturer founded in 1990, it is located in the Wuxi City near by Shanghai. It has a wealth of technical expertise in manufacturing various Scaffolds & Accessories & Formworks. Its automatic scaffolds welding production lines are of most advanced level both home and abroad, and produces 60000 tons of scaffolds annually. We inspect scaffold's quality to ensure them performing exactly as specified. That is the reason for our continuing growth and success. By means of its premium quality and lower prices, up to now, our scaffolds had been exported to more than fifty countries worldwide and are warmly welcomed. SAFETY IS THE FIRST!
What we make?
The manufacturing capacity of EAST GRACE ranges: Ringlock System Scaffolds, Cuplock System Scaffolds, Frame System Scaffolds, Kwikstage/Crab System Scaffolds, Rolling Towers System, Shoring & Props, and Scaffold Fittings like Clamps, Couplers, Planks, Decks, Platforms, Walkways, Stairs, Rails, Fences, and a lot of Formwork Accessories. In addition to standard products. And with different grade of raw materials. Also we deal with B2C direct, decreased more cost without any trading & broken company. EAST GRACE can also supply non-standard and modified standard products for special application. Meanwhile, it can also provide OEM service and customized. SAFETY IS THE FIRST!
Why deal with us?
All producing processes, such as forging, casting, tubing, cutting, punching, turning, heat treating, grinding, assembly, welding, surface treating(like hot-dipped-galv., electric plated & powder coated), erecting, packing and loading, are finished in our group. That is why EAST GRACE can provide you precision scaffolds at the lowest possible prices and meet delivery on time. As an ISO9000, JIS,BS1139, EN74, EN/BS/EN12810, OSHA, TUV, SGS certified manufacturer, we had established product traceability system. Besides, EAST GRACE has a strong technological team to solve various problems in application and use of our scaffolds. As a well-known Chinese scaffolds manufacturer, EAST GRACE has long-term good relations with a large number of American, European, Asia, Oceania, African companies. There are even a lot of customers have been cooperating with us more than 10 years. We can provide these customers information, you can know us better on the quality of products and services through our regular customers. SAFETY IS THE FIRST!

2. Quality System
Leading-edge technology allows for sub-micron precision. We produce high-quality shapes, reflecting our technology onto every product under ISO9000, JIS, BS1139/EN74, ANSI, OSHA,etc. We inspects each part of scaffolds through the advanced instrument and mild technology by the established quality-controlling department. Below the following is our production process and corresponding quality inspection:
Material incoming:100% inspection by batch.
Each tool & jig: 100% inspection after used by batch.
Cutting:100% inspection by jigs.
Punching:100% inspection by tools.
Each fittings before assembling: 100% inspection by tools.
Assembling: 100% inspection by jigs.
Welding: welders & automatic certified, technical skill audited, 100% perform damaged tests required by customer, 100% inspection by exterior.
Each part before surface treating: freedom erected by batch.
Surface treatment:100% inspection by tools.
Loading test: 100% perform by customers required.
Before packing:freedom exchange erecting, and 100% inspection by jigs.
Packing & storing: the final 10% inspection before shipment.
3.Environmental Protection
It is one of our principal strategies to let our employee and partners to be more concerned about environmental protection issues in order to implement EAST GRACE performs social responsibility effectively, along with its strategic partners and customers, are engaged in green programs to protect our environment locally and internationally; we offer solutions to help create environmentally sustainable business practices and community lifestyle around the world. Please join us in the endeavor to achieve a sustainable future!
EAST GRACE 's Environmental Protection (EP) Responsibility and Commitment
◇ Energy Saving
◇ 26℃ room temperature control
◇ Saving electricity, water and paper
◇ Saving packing material (energy consumed during transportation)
◇ Categorizing waste of paper, newspapers, magazines
◇ Categorizing wooden rods, cases and blocks
◇ Collecting waste ink and toner cartridges
◇ Collecting waste batteries
◇ Using recycled paper if possible
Education and Promotion
◇ All staff participation: all staff joining green activities or conferences at least once per year
◇ Announcing this LILY Bearings EP Responsibility and Commitment to our customers and suppliers
Green Environment
◇ Tree planting every year
◇ Increasing the area of greening zone
Reducing Pollution
◇ Using toxic free ink
◇ Minimizing pollutants during production
4.How to purchase?
Placing an order with EAST GRACE is easy for Engineers, OEM, Customized and Wholesalers. You can initiate the process directly through our online Request a quote form. You can also call our sales department in the China at 0086-510-82709712. If your order or request for quote is a formal document, you may email it to us at info@eg-scaffold.com. Finally, you may submit an order via facsimile at 0086-510-82703347. Regardless how you submit an order, you will get prompt, expert service.
Our company's largest market is North/South America and Western Europe, 70% of the customers from the three areas. Of course, we are also not lose sight of the other countries, After years of development, in fact we have done business with the vast majority of countries.
Depending on the cargo weight, value and customer requirements, we can offer three modes of transport which includes courier, sea or air. Either way, we can help you deal with various issues such as transport, customs and taxes. We will ensure that the goods on time and unbroken to our customers.
5.Our Strength
Since our establishment in 2000, we have been earning the trust of global customers and enjoying the faithfulness from them. This is led by our continuous efforts and endeavors we have made particularly on the following aspects:
· Partnership.
· Customer-focused services.
· Full range of products.
· Processing by selves in one group.
· Economical prices.
· Research and development.
· Direct access to Mainland China's resources.
· Western standard employed in quality assurance.
· Full technical support and after-sales services.
· Worldwide sales and logistics network.
· Electronic business working platform.
· Better communication on foreign languages
· Thinking standing customer's situation. Make customer happy.
· Understanding customer's underlying requirement.
· Repertory & faster delivery on time.
· Safety is the first!
6.Our service
Application Consulting
Scaffold Education Consulting(SEC) and Scaffold & Access Industry Association(SAIA) can help you evaluate key requirements of a specific application and design, or recommend a solution to satisfy performance expectations in the most innovative and economical manner. SEC's broad experience with scaffolds in a diverse range of industries & construction & building makes our engineers distinctively qualified to assist with your project.
Among other testing services, SGS and TUV provides life testing, failure mode analysis, performance evaluations, environmental simulation and corrosion resistance testing. Contact Spyraflo to discuss your testing and analysis requirements.
Custom Scaffolding Design
Our ability to work closely with customers — effectively becoming a design partner — is the foundation of SEC's success. Our engineers understand that each application is unique. We have a long history of providing innovative and cost-efficient solutions, which give your designs a competitive edge.
SEC designs special scaffold far beyond the scope of our standard product line. Whether smaller or larger, with special attributes, or made of special materials, we have the experience to design the optimum solution.
Some of the extreme solutions we have designed for include diameters, load capacities, temperatures, chemical exposure and UV resistance. More commonly, our engineers design for optimum performance, material utilization or to accommodate a special requirement demanded by the application or assembly process.
SEC understands the demands of modern design cycles and that's why we produce our prototypes in-house for the quickest possible response. From modified standard products to completely custom designs, SEC will put prototype bearings in your hands quickly so you can complete your design.
Tooling Design
Our experienced tool designers know what it takes to produce effective installation tooling. From simple installation punches and anvils to self-ejecting tooling nests, SEC can provide you with the support you need to effectively integrate our scaffolds into your products, regardless of volume. In addition, we can design tools for your existing press equipment or design and build complete assembly systems.
SEC offers the flexibility to meet your assembly needs for self-clinching and press-fit scaffolds. Some customers choose to have us produce pre-assembled panels, flanges and components. This makes sense for those who may not want to invest in assembly press equipment or tooling. We can produce the mount component ourselves, or assemble into components you supply.TOP Quality scaffold Galvanized Base screw jack solid




1.Our History
Shenzhen Hongcai Printing Co.,Ltd was established 2007 , which is a professional manufacturer of custom logo printing Packaging box,paper gift box ,paper bags,paper packages ,custom boxes,packing box ,paper storage packing and etc..we have more than 11 years' experience in printing packaging box &now we become one of the most famous & trust worthy suppliers of paper packaging products in china .
Our R & D team has abundant knowledge and operation experience ,we offer customer integrated services ,including pre-sales service ,after-sales service ,technical support and transportation service ,our R & D team can handle highly customized designs and offer sincere OEM &ODM services to domestic and international manufacturers,or buyers ,importers.
Shenzhen Hongcai Printing Co.,Ltd is well recognized by customers around the world after years of effors .due to our outstanding products and services ,we have established long and closely business relations with customers from European ,North America ,South America,Japan and other Asia countries.
2. Our Factory
Shenzhen Hongcai Printing Co.,Ltd is located in Shenzhen city of China.
3.Our Product
Shenzhen Hongcai Printing Co.,Ltd Products include the following:
Gift box, paper packing box ,Custom boxes ,paper box,Paper packaging,packing boxes , paper storage packing ,paper bags,paper gift hanger, and etc....
4.Product Application
These products are widely used in Electronics ,food ,Beverage ,wine,tea ,tobacco,pharmaceuticals ,health care products ,cosmetics ,household appliances ,Clothing ,toys ,Sporting goods and other industries and products packaging industry and etc....
5.Our Certificate
All of our raw materials are compliant with ROHS & SGS reports. Also the ISO-9001:2005 and BSCI have been validated .
6.Production Equipment
Our Company has advanced equipment,printing presses, computer medicated prototype, Angle Sticking Machine , paper cutting machine,paper mouting machine, die-out machine, UV machine, polishing machine , peritoneal machines, V-slot machine,Semi-automatic gluing machine,automatic Nien box, and all after-processing one-stop production of imported equipment.
7.Production Market
Shenzhen Hongcai Printing Co.,Ltd is well recognized by customers around the world after years of efforts .Due to our outstanding products and services ,we have established long and closely business relations with customers from European ,North America ,South America ,Japan and other Asia countries.
8.Our service
We offer customer integrated services ,including pre-sales service ,after-sales service ,technical support and transportation service. Our R & D team can handle highly customized designs and offer sincere OEM &ODM services to domestic and international manufacturers,or buyers ,importers.
All the types of the paper box or bag we can do if you provide your idea or your design or your samples . Customized drawer box

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