Lasse Norman Hansen: “I chose Garmin because they gave me a possibility of combining track and road”

By @pmpalermo

How and when you started in cycling?who helped you?

I started riding my bike when I was 12 years old. I had been riding my”school bike” around for some longer and longer rides, when some day my uncle came by and gave me an all new race bike. And that’s how I started.
What do you like to do when not riding?

 when I’m not riding my bike I like to spend time with my friends and family, go fishing or just simply relaxing.
Why Garmin?are going to combine track and road cycling?

I chose Garmin-sharp, because they gave me a good possibility of combining track and road. It’s also been one of my favorite teams since they started, and I like the way they race and develop young riders.
Is it possible to shine in both road and track?how?

 it is possible, now that the track program has been moved a little bit, so that it benefits riders that wants to do both.
I know you wanna learn…but …wich other objectives do you have the nex two years?what does Garmin wants from you?

 for sure I wanna learn, but I’m not sure what to expect more then that. I’d really like to win just one or a few races, but I’ll just have to get used to the harder races first. I think Garmin expects me to improve and maybe find out what my real speciality is.
What kind od road rider do you wanna be?

it’s a hard question. I want to be the kind of cyclist that my body gives the biggest advantages.
Are you making a specific preparation for Nationals and Worlds?

 yes I am making a special prep. For both nationals and worlds. They’re no goals for me, and I learned last weekend at the u23 nationals that my prep. Works. Took home 2x gold TT and RR. So lets see how far I can take it at the elite nationals.

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