Tour de Pologne 2021 – Stage 7 preview

By David Hunter

Zabrze > Kraków 145km

The race ends with a sprint stage.

The breaks have been quite large in this race, but they haven’t managed to upset the sprinters. This stage is just 145km in length, and the opening 40km is full of little kickers, perfect for those wanting to get up the road. The sprint teams will have to be very careful; the shorter stage means they can’t afford to let eight men up the road.


Hot, sunny and a light tailwind for the whole stage.


The lap circuit is quite straightforward, nice and easy for the sprint teams to control and get organised.


Phil Bauhaus – took the win in the opening stage, but he’s now without Haussler, his final lead out man. This makes it more complicated for him to win, but not impossible. This season he’s been in great form, he has the power required to come past the other sprinters.

Álvaro Hodeg – was very close to winning in the opening stage, but he was nowhere in stage 3. With the GC secure he should have a full sprint train at his disposal, but he is a rider who sometimes struggles to hold the wheel, not a great sign for a sprinter.

Olav Kooij – was so close to his first world tour win the other day, and he’s not even at 100% after a recent crash in Heistse Pijl. That day he was delivered perfectly by David Dekker, it really was an outstanding lead out. If they can get it right again Kooij has the speed required to take the win, it doesn’t matter that he’s only 19 years old.

Edward Theuns – come on fast Eddie, you can do it! 4th in the opening stage was good, but he couldn’t contest the sprint on stage 3 as his sprint train fell apart. If they can get their act together, and get Eddie to the front, he has the speed required to win.

Fernando Gaviria – after winning on Wednesday he’ll be like a new man. His confidence must have been low after going so long without a win, but he continued to believe in himself and got his redemption. After such a long wait it wouldn’t be a surprise if he took this one.

Max Kanter – he’s often up there but never really gets in a position to contest for the win.

Prediction Time

This looks like a power sprint to me; I’ll take another win for Phil Bauhaus.

David Hunter

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